There’s something for everyone to do in the kingdom, what are you going to do?

Morning Star extends to each member an invitation to partake in a ministry and/or ministries of choice through the use of their God-given callings and gifts. Ministry heads and members believe that being connected to a ministry helps glorify God through the spreading of love and compassion to as many people as possible. At the Star, each ministry seeks to be relentless in their pursuit of impacting the world through evangelism, acts of kindness and much more. Once the connection with a Morning Star ministry is made, a door is opened to help impact and change the world! To find out more about Morning Star ministries, view their mission statements below.

Senior Pastor

Known as "Mr. Inspiration," he is one of the most exciting and dynamic motivational presenters in this country and abroad.

First Lady

Founded the Constine Evans Scholarship fund, which raises scholarships for high school seniors entering and attending colleges/universities.

Associate Pastor / Elders

Associate Pastor is responsible for assisting the Senior Pastor and Elders have responsibility for the oversight of the church body.


Deacons serve in the ministry of the church, they model for others the necessity and the dignity of laity in ministry.


Trustees manage finances and property, and ensure the church is compliant with any legal requirements.

John 3:17

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.