The word “deacon” means servant, or one who serves. Every church needs those willing to stand on the front line as spiritual leaders. As they serve in the ministry of the church, they model for others the necessity and the dignity of laity in ministry.

In addition to modeling the Christian faith at work, deacons have a vital responsibility to enlist, encourage and equip others like themselves to be the church in mission.

Samuel Etienne

Sandra Hardy
Cheryl Curry

DEACONS (letters of the alphabet indicate assigned membership by their last name)
Annie Tobe (A, Y)
Valerie Graham (B)
Ida Willams (C, K)
Kakem Downing (D, L)
William Young (E, T)
Morris Williams (G, Z)
Cheryl Curry (H, N)
Estelle Maynard (F, J)
Marty Luc (M)
Derek Felix (I, P, Q, V)
Eugene Graves, Jr. (O, R)
Samuel Etienne (S)
Sandra Hardy (W)
Ervin Lee
Gwendolyn Lee

Matthew 6:33

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.